Film A Monologue And Two Scenes

At the end of the day, the more footage the better. This is an opportunity to prove your talent and the range of your talent. In this package you walk away with two complete scenes and a monologue all edited together into a crisp and completed reel. 


We film you in a setting that matches the direction of the script which we believe helps engage viewers and increase experience of the actor. The scene can be self-found or if you have an idea of a character we can write you a script. We also have arsenal of fantastic actors to be your scene partner or bring a friend to act with you! Even though there is another person in the room the shots are always prioritzing the paying participant. 


The Starting Cost is $900 

This package Includes:

Free Consult                                                     Location scout

Set design

1-3 shots per scene                                           6 hours on set 

Fully Edited Clips                                               3 revisions of edit in post

Provided acting partner(s)                           Clips edited into a reel as well as seperate

Possible Extra Cost:

Location/Prop Expense  

Writing Fee

Extra filming hours

Extra shot composition

Separate edit focused on acting partner Additional Revisions

All pricing will be discussed and confirmed within the consult. Filming expense can be very specific to project and our goal is to produce your vision in footage that is

helpful to you. 

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